I remember being 5 years old, in my fathers workshop with my tiny saw cutting out pieces of wood and gluing them together into what I imagined at the time to be great works of art. My room was permanently covered in sawdust for the greater part of my teens as I honed my craft in my spare time. Naturally my passion took me to summer employment as an assistant to a local contractor where I learned the ropes in cottage and home construction, spending summers framing and building cottages and homes from the foundation up. 

My early passions for wood working as well as music took me to a guitar building course in the United States after high school, where I learned the finer art of working with wood and what it means to create beautiful yet functional piece of art. 

After completing my course I found myself missing home and in the end this brought me back to Ontario. Guitar building in Canada is a difficult trade at best which brought me to the decision to go back to school for cabinet making. 

After a decade of sub contracting I  finally made my dream of owning my own wood work shop into a reality. With over 1000 square feet of shop space I am able to handle any project sent my way. I can’t wait to be able to make your vision a reality.    – Pete

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